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Growing up on the North Shore in Vancouver, Canada, Karina Stampfli can be defined as an outgoing hybrid of city and outdoors,  Once a corporate employee, she understands the hectic lifestyle of living and working in a city and the importance in building a sustainable healthy lifestyle and keeping the body moving as jobs become more sedentary in the tech age.  Time in the outdoors is an integral factor to her balanced lifestyle and having the vast forest as her backyard, the mountains glowing in the skyline, and the Pacific Ocean at her fingertips, she never undervalues the power nature can have on overall wellbeing. Within her several years in the fitness, health + wellness industry, owner of Compass Lifestyle + Fitness, Karina has coached clients through complete lifestyle transformations in fitness, mobility, nutrition and mindset.




Having struggled to find balance as a young adult, Karina set out to find her direction through health and wellness.  Seeking the right pieces of the puzzle, she realised doing it alone was prolonging the process and causing unnecessary stress. Realising the absolute importance of a knowledgeable support network lead to the rebrand of her business in March of 2016.  Compass Lifestyle + Fitness was born and branded on the basis to help people find their direction through health and fitness providing a holistic approach.  The compass point on the logo points north to represent infinite possibility.  Karina’s engaging personality, creativity, adaptability, and integrity are vibrant motives to her open mind and positive outlook.  This value of hers has built a foundation for her dedication to see success in each individual and coaching them to reach infinite possibility.  Happy body, happy mind – happy mind, happy body.



Karina Stampfli Personal Trainer
Karina Stampfli Personal Trainer
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C E R T I F I C A T I O N S  +  C R E D E N T I A L S

BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Trainer, and Fitness Leader

ACE Corrective Exercise Specialist BioMechanics Method

Advanced Life Coach | Udemy College Kain Ramsay

PPFS Certified Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist | Fit4Two

ACE Senior Fitness Specialist (2019)

Vegetarian Nutrition Online 6th Edition | On Course Human Kinetics (2017)

Myofascial Release in Sports Medicine 1.1 | DSW Human Kinetics (2017)

Body Composition and Flexibly Assessment Certification | Douglas College (2015)

Hip Function & Anatomy Certificate | Kinesiologists (2015)

Shoulder Function & Anatomy Certificate | Kinesiologists (2015)

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction Certificate (2014)

Nutrition for New Moms Certificate (2014)

Stress Management Certificate | Health Fitness Alliance (2010)

Personal Trainer Diploma | Infofit (2008)

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