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At Compass Lifestyle + Fitness, experience a personal training and coaching program that is designed to not only help you achieve your goals and reach your full physical potential whether that pertains to correcting imbalances, improving mobility, improving movements for a specific sport, fat loss, sleeping better, having more energy, making educated nutritional choices and more, but also provide you with the tools to establish long term lifestyle habits with lasting results.


Below you will find unique and successful programs that have delivered wild results for clients past and present. Each program is personalized and designed to suit your individual needs and abilities to ensure you reach your goals safely and effectively. Do you have someone coming along on the journey with you?  No problem, doubling up is welcome!

With any of the programs below a Structural Assessment will be conducted on the first session as it is part of the Discovery process for you and I to understand how your current biomechanics are functioning. This assessment of your kinetic chain will take you from your natural to a neutral posture with a series of alignment cues and manual positioning and will help your body move to its greatest potential through our time together.  You will receive before and after photos. 

My clients’ success is attributed to a simple and effective matrix: Discover, Learn, Implement, Execute

I would love to chat + learn about you!  


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