Hi!  I'm Karina, a certified personal trainer + corrective exercise specialist with an emphasis on creating a balanced lifestyle.  Practicing in North Vancouver, I specialize in functional movement strength training + mobility and coach you toward obtaining more range of motion, strength and fluid movement patterns by correcting imbalances in the over all kinetic chain that is your body.  Our lifestyles are our code to physical and emotional health - our cellular response.   Everybody is unique, and I aim to educate you on how to connect with your body and mind to achieve full body to brain connection, hit those holistic goals and influence you to make more mindful decisions in your everyday life and movements.

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Helping You Find Your Direction Through Lifestyle + Fitness Since 2008


Personal Training + Corrective Exercise
Lifestyle + Nutritional Coaching
Online + Home Workout Programming

Home Gym Personal Training
Corporate Group Training
Destination Lifestyle + Fitness Retreats
 ... and More! 



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mindset + lifestyle

First And Foremost I Want To Get To Know YOU.  What Is Working In Your Life, What May Not Be, And Look At What May Be Limiting You From Creating The Lifestyle Balance You Truly Want.

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mobility + cardio

How Is Your Body Moving?   Is There Something You Used To Be Able To Do + Find It More Difficult As a Result Of Injury?  Focusing  on Corrective Exercises, Functional Strength Training + Cardiovascular Health We Will Work To Achieve Your Goals.

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understanding nutrition

Digging Into What We Eat, Why We Eat It + Why We Either Cannot Loose Or Gain Fat Or Muscle. Are Our Hormones Playing a Role In This? This Major Component To Achieve Lifestyle Goals is Often Overlooked.

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progression +accountability

Taking The Time To Create New Habits + New Goals To Sustain and Progress Your Overall Lifestyle!  


Karina makes every client feel like a friend... when you become her client, you feel part of a supportive community. I started with her a few years ago in "group training" (similar to personal training, but more affordable) just to keep my head on straight during a difficult life transition... and I've experienced her business grow and adapt amazingly well even through this awful pandemic when the gyms closed down... she shifted to socially distanced outdoor training and then online workouts and I'm grateful to say I've managed to stay on track even through the most difficult of times thanks to Karina holding me accountable for fitness and wellness.

- Kelsey, Investment Manager

It's I who must thank you. You have made two weeks fun and challenging, and have given me a movement, a fitness and a social goal every day. You came up with a new twist to every workout, made things hard but not too hard, kept it fun, and didn't make us do burpees. I'm grateful.
With a great deal of respect.

- Karl, Business Owner

Full of energy and makes our workouts fun but also challenging. She knows when to push us and our one hour sessions fly by. I would definitely recommend seeing her! I've lost ten pounds since I started seeing her (and before starting personal training I thought I was at my body's natural weight and it wasn't possible to lose any more weight).

- Vicky, Teacher

Karina is a motivator. She helped me dig deeper to reach my goals. I can't thank her enough...

- Joel, Property Manager

It was awesome Karina! Thank you for setting up such an amazing workout and wellness plan online. It was so much fun with varied exercises and workouts, webinars and social hours. Your organization and set up of this was amazing!

- Tina, Business Owner

Limitless, rewarding, fun.  Working out with Karina is always a new exciting challenge every week.

- Tash, Actress