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COREidor personal training Re Brand!

We have all been there, are there, or are going to be there; in life where we are trying to find our way, our happiness, our true purpose in life. The choice to re brand COREidor personal training to Compass Health + Fitness could have not come at a better time. I have struggled for years trying to find some sort of direction in my career, relationships, health, and fitness and I remember the exact moment "compass" came to mind. It all clicked and came together. The name speaks the world for what I want for myself, everyone in my life and anyone that is meant to cross paths with me throughout their life.




to attain or achieve; accomplish

A compass in it's entirety is utilized a to find our way or direction to a certain point or place. My favourite breakdown of the symbolism of each point is:

  • North - Infinite Possibility

  • South - Present

  • West - Past

  • East - Future

I equate these points with my favourite John Grisham quote:

"You live your life today, not tomorrow, and certainly not yesterday."

I chose for my logo the North point of a compass to symbolize our infinite possibility in all that we set out to do. I hope that my "blog" which I have re purposed as "inspiration" will find you well. Thank you for being a part of my journey and re brand as I set out to compass infinite possibility.

Yours in health and fitness,


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