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Who Doesn't Like Free Stuff?! CONTEST!

As most of you know I admire the power of the #hashtag

I know some people that are terribly against the #hashtag and to each their own, but the other day I wanted to know how much snow was still on the Eagle Bluffs trail up Cypress, so what did I do?

Crawled onto instagram

Searched #eaglebluffs and #cypress

Lo and behold, my search concluded there is still a behemoth sheath of snow up there and it also revealed funny hikers experiences of first time iceburn.



most commonly achieved by improper clothing and footwear whilst hiking in the snow.

So, that being said - I want you - yes YOU to post on instagram and/or Facebook a picture of you doing something that represents Compass Health + Fitness. Here are some hints for what I am looking for:

your favourite hike | frolicking about in your favourite water activity | you playing a sport that you enjoy | lifting weights at the gym | running or jumping on the beach - I like sunsets | growing your veggie garden | you posing with a super amazing healthy meal you prepared | anything else health + fitness related


Picture must contain YOU!

Must be a NEW post

Tag your photo with #compasslifestyle

You may enter as many times as you wish!

Contest Closes May 31st!

Winner will be announced June 1st!


Two 2 Hour Single Kayak Rentals From Takaya Rentals in Cates Park - Belcarra Reginal Park - North Vancouver


One "Double Up" Personal Training Session

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